October 28 2015

Jsf interview questions and answers for experienced

JSF interview questions and answers for experienced

What is JSF?

JSF provides set of API’s which represents different UI Components and helps in managing state,handling events and validate user input. JSF is based on MVC architecture.

What are the different phases of JSF request processing life cycle?

There are six phases in JSF request processing life cycle

  • Restore View
  • Apply requests
  • Process Validations
  • Update model values
  • Invoke applications
  • Render response

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July 9 2015

Core java interview questions and answers for freshers

Core java interview questions and answers for freshers

  1. Legal identifier?

Names used for classes, methods, interfaces and variables are called Identifiers. The first character must start with a letter or currency character ($) or underscore (_). It cannot start with number. After first character, identifier can contain letters, numbers, currency symbol ($) and underscore (_) in any combination. Read more

  1. Class?

A class can be defined as a template that describes the state and behaviors that object of its type support.

public class Student {

// variables and methods

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May 19 2015

Spring IoC Interview Questions

Spring IoC Interview Questions

 What is Inversion of Control?

Inversion of Control (IoC) describes that a dependency injection need to be done by an external entity instead of creating the dependencies by the component itself. All the dependencies and relationships are created by IoC container. IoC is also known as dependency injection (DI).

What is Spring IoC container?

Spring IoC container is the basis for spring framework. The primary job of spring IoC container is to instantiate the java object, injecting its dependencies and managing them.

The object created and managed by spring core container is called a Spring Bean. The bean objects has to be added in the configuration metadata which is taken by the Spring IoC Controller. read more

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May 19 2015

Spring MVC interview questions for experienced

Spring MVC interview questions for experienced

 What is Spring Web MVC framework?

Spring Web MVC is open source web application framework which is part of the Spring framework. Spring Web MVC is one of the efficient and high performance implementation of Model View Controller (MVC) Architecture. Spring MVC provides utility classes to develop web applications.

What is DispatcherServlet?

Spring Web MVC framework is designed around the front controller which is DispatcherServlet. DispatcherServlet listens to the incoming requests and dispatches the request to handler, configurable handler mapping, view resolvers, local and theme resolvers.

DispatcherServlet is responsible for initializing the Spring Web MVC framework. It has to been configured in web.xml Continue reading

May 15 2015

Spring AOP Interview Questions

Spring AOP Interview Questions

What is a Concern?

Concern refers to part of the program divided based on the functionality. Concerns are of two types core and crosscutting. The concern that represents the core functionality is called as primary concerns. The concern which represents the secondary requirement is called crosscutting concerns. For example, Logging, transaction management, security etc.

What is Spring AOP?

Spring Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP) is a programming methodology that allows us to build core concerns and crosscutting concerns separately and provides dynamic way of introducing the crosscutting before, after or around the core concerns. The key unit of modularity in AOP is aspect.

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